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My Mission:

Beer Education.

Want to know more about beer? To understand it, to appreciate it and to promote it? With three decades of beer knowledge and a wide range of industry experience, I can help.

Beer Star
Marty Nachel

Marty Nachel

I've been working in  craft beer since before it was called "craft." So it’s fair to say I’ve seen a lot, done a lot and learned a lot in that time. In the past thirty years I’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with some of the biggest names in this industry and, of course, tasting plenty of incredible beer. You could say –all kidding aside-- that craft beer is in my blood.

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What I Can Do For You.

Given my wide range of experiences, and beer expertise, there are a number of ways I can be of service to your business, your customers, your hobby -or however or wherever beer holds a place of importance in your life.


For Breweries.

Commercial brewers –especially those with tap rooms—may want to keep both their waitstaff and their customers well-trained in beer styles and beer evaluation. It’s also not unusual for me to be asked to do a formal evaluation of a smaller or newer brewery’s beers ahead of a major competition to give valuable feedback on the quality and stylistic integrity of that brewer’s beers.

For Bars.

Wherever people gather to drink crafted beer, beer education is often needed -and often on both sides of the bar.  While educated consumers can drive craft beer sales to new heights, under-educated staff can unwittingly put a damper on those sales.


For Distributors.

Distributor representatives who are unfamiliar with beer styles or beer style trends can find their relevance and professional integrity being questioned. The same can be said for reps who are unfamiliar with beer off-flavors and their related terminology. 

For Homebrew Clubs.

Homebrewers or homebrew clubs who want to up their game can also benefit from learning more about off-aromas and off-flavors as well as discovering the sources of those problems. Learning how to properly evaluate beer is also of great interest among those who brew their own beer at home.


For Beer Enthusiasts.

Clubs, social groups, organizations and special occasion parties can all get in on the fun by arranging personalized beer classes, tastings or events...let's discuss the possibilities.